Sunday, July 11, 2010

Lori--Sunday night

Well, Lori was able to make it as far as Hays today. Being in pain, it was too difficult to come on home tonight. They plan on coming home tomorrow. Believe me, Lori is not in great health right now. I find it difficult to understand why doctors decided to spring her today. With oxygen being pumped to her, the highest her oxygen level ever got was 91%. Without oxygen, the best level was only 79%. She is still in terrible pain. High doses of morphine couldn't cut it. The Hydrocodone that they sent her home with is not nearly as powerful as morphine. Though she spent 5 days in the hospital, some of the major tests were never done. Once she is home, we already know that we will have to take her to Hays for at least one test. Go figure...

Please keep praying!!!


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