Thursday, July 8, 2010

Lori--Thursday Afternoon

Just heard back from my mom about Lori. Thought that I would pass the latest on to you.

The morphine is working again. The doctors are increasing the strength little by little. Of course, they do not want to give her too much too handle. The blood and cardiac tests are looking good. Results are still waiting on a full chemical panel. Testing is still continuing.

I have some phone numbers that you can call now. Here they are:

Lori's room which is number 5112: 913-588-5112

My mom: 620-376-8091

Leif: 620-874-0421

Lori's cellphone died shortly after she arrived in K.C. Given the circumstances, I doubt that she has her charger with her.

Leif and Lori's daughter, Marlene, and her family are in K.C. now. During the day, Lars will be able to spend some time at their motel swimming which will help him ALOT. Leif and Lori's daughter, Lori, is on her way to KC right now. She should be there very soon.

As far as Lona Sue and us are concerned, right now we are planning on staying at home unless Lori wants us there. She is only allowed 2 visitors at a time. Since the morphine is now working, she is sleeping more again. Our family is taking care of Leif and Lori's pets, etc so it looks like we will be more valuable here than there. Of course, if the doctor decides to operate, we will be out of here right away.

We REALLY appreciate your kind support!!! Again, here are our contact numbers if you wish to call:

Home: 620-375-4584
Lynn: 620-376-8922
Stan: 620-874-0698

Please keep sending your prayers!!!


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  1. Lynn, sorry to hear about lori, Please let her know that she in our prayers. Sounds like she is in good care. We will keep all of you in our prayers.


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