Monday, July 19, 2010

Just a quick note on air conditioning problem...

Well, things went from really bad to terrible yesterday. The house kept heating up despite the fact that cool air was still coming out of the ducts. There was just practically no pressure behind the air to force it into the rooms where it could do some good. The two bedrooms that are furtherest from the air conditioner had no air at all.

We couldn't stand it any longer so Stan called an A/C man. We hated to do that since it was Sunday but had no other choice. As it turns out, he had already been called out on two emergencies in Leoti and Tribune that morning. When he finished in Tribune, he came right over to our house. He and Stan worked and worked trying to get things fixed. While they were trying this and that and fixing this and that, the compressor burned itself out. Now there is NO cool air what-so-ever. The compressor had been going out little by little for quite some time. We just didn't know it until this past week.

If that wasn't bad enough, the big fan that we were using in the public rooms to get us by, burned up. Too much pressure on it considering the fact that we have been using it around the clock for at least a week now. The tower fan in the kitchen is going out also. It only has the low speed now and no longer oscillates. Life is good!!! LOL!!!

There is no other solution now. We must invest in a new central air unit. I will be calling area companies to give us a bid today. The one that we received from the kind soul yesterday was $3,500. He put in our last unit. At that time, he came in with the lowest bid. I won't be surprised if he has the low bid again now but we'll see.

Thank the Good Lord that we have french doors in our kitchen which is directly east of our living room! It allowed cool air in the house last night. Of course, the other windows were open also. Stan slept in our bedroom. The girls and I elected to sleep in the living room. I would like to tell you that it got so cool that we required blankets but that would be a lie. When Stan woke us up at 4:00 this morning to go into the bedroom where it was cooler, I was covered in good old-fashioned sweat. My heart was pounding. I am sure that it was just trying to get out and find some coolness somewhere. LOL!

More great news is that the high is supposed to be 104 today. Mercy, me! Please pray that we have relief soon!


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