Monday, July 5, 2010

Best HOMEMADE Pies in Leoti

This summer, people have been purchasing pies right and left from Linda Clark-Meyers of Leoti. She calls her business Elsie's Pies and More. In addition to all kinds of pies, she also create beautiful jewelry that she sells.

Her pies include fruit, merengue and meat/vegetable. Each 9" double-crusted fruit or merengue pie sells for $10.00 each. These pies are AWESOME!!! We're not talking aout frozen pie crust and canned filling. We're talking about honest-to-goodness homemade pie built from scratch!

Just give Linda a call and order whatever you want. They live in Leoti but are using their cellphone from Colorado. That phone number is 970-290-4434.

Wih the Fair coming up, many of us have out-of-town guests. Spoil them with these pies. They'll thank you for it!!!


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