Sunday, July 25, 2010

Our mailboxes

In front of our house stands three mailboxes all together. Given the fact that they are on our property, we always mantain the posts, etc with fresh paint. Ordinarily, I paint them to match our house's exterior.

However, yeaterday when I painted them, I didn't even try to coordinate them with our home. I had other bigger plans.

We live in a neighborhood where several of the neighbors "share" their native country's music with the rest of the neighborhood on a VERY regular basis. Though I normally hate that with a passion, I have learned that the neighbor directly to the south of us, listens to a different variety of the same country's music. It is a softer form and we really enjoy it though we cannot understand a word of it. LOL! We also have a big problem with our neighbors when they choose to hang their previous country's flags and sport them on the bumpers of their vehicles.

To remind them of what country they live in now, I decided to paint all of the posts red and the 3 mailboxes blue. Then, I adhered those glow-in-the-dark white stars that are intended for kids' bedroom ceilings to the mailboxes at both ends. I used super glue gel to them first. I didn't stop there though. I took a 6-foot string of American flags and attached them to the posts and boxes. When I was just finishing everything, one of the neighbors who gets his mail there, came over to thank me for doing this. I really appreciated that!

Now, my patriosm is not stopping there. As soon as we finish painting the house, I will be hanging three flags on the front porch.

I am proud of my country and expect others who live here and receive all of the rights and priviledges as I do to be proud of it also or go back home!!!


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