Friday, July 2, 2010


Yesterday morning, I took my mom and daughters with me to Tribune for a business meeting. While there, we caught up with old friends which is always great! Before coming home, we stopped by Chatterbox, one of their restaurants in town. We had a lovely lunch there! I'll write more on that in a different post.

The wind was bad all day and just progressively got worse as the day went on. When we exited the cafe to go back to our van, a gust of wind came up...and so did my skirt. Given the fact that I have a "robust" body, I try to wear loose-fitting clothes. My skirt was also loose which was just perfect if you are looking for a balloon effect in your wardrobe.

The wind gust came up, went up my skirt and forced it to blow up to and over my face!!! The only portion of my skirt that remained where it was intended to stay was the elastic band!!! OH, MY GOODNESS!!! I immediately remembered my moo moo catastrophe during the winter when I went to the mailbox. Remember that???

Of course, I grabbed my skirt and tried to put it back down where it belonged but more wind made that difficult. I ran from the building to my van and quickly lunged for the driver's seat and shut the dog-gone door...

Now, later on, I relayed the story to one of my sisters who gave me some sound advice. She recommended that I might want to refrain from wearing any garments such as skirts, moo moos, that wind might have a good time with. Hmmm, I think that I should probably take the advice very seriously...

I feel so sorry for anyone who may have had the misfortune of seeing my latest calamity. It will be a long time before they return to normal. LOL!!!


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