Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Thank you!!!!!!!!!

Living in a small town like Leoti isn't always the greatest thing. If you need to get to Wal-Mart, you have to drive at least one hour one way. There are no movie theatres, etc for entertainment. But in all actuality, we really have all that is really necessary in Leoti. We have an extraordinary group of people here. They usually take care of each other. That is normally not the case in larger communities.

My Aunt Betty who lives between Selkirk and Tribune, called me Monday and told me that she wanted Lori to use her brand-new lift chair. That was fantastic news! Lift-chairs are anything but light-weight so we knew that it was going to probably take more than a couple strong men to retrieve it and get it to Lori's house. All that Leif had to do was make three phone calls and the job was done! He called my Stan, John Gould and a man named Pat. I feel just terrible since I do not know his last name. He works at ESE Alcohol. All of these men IMMEDIATELY dropped what they were doing to help. They drove to Aunt Betty's, picked it up and took it to Lori and got it all set up so that she could use it.

Lori and all of us cannot thank these men enough for this generosity of their time!!! The very least that I could do is to publicly thank them right here!!!

Leoti is a GREAT place to live!!!


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