Wednesday, July 21, 2010

In Heat

Boy, how the heat brings the worst out in all of us! As you know, we have had difficulties with our air conditioning lately. Let me tell you, it has brought true ugliness out of each one of us. We suffered from short tempers and a real lack of patience. Those are things that normally do not flare in our family.

We made a trip to Wal-Mart to pick up some things that we needed immediately and could not be purchased at home. Fortunately, I have a lifetime handicapped plaquard. For me, walking in extreme heat or cold causes major problems with my heart. So, we locate an unused handicapped parking place. It just so happened to be right next to an old van with a nasty little man sitting in it. As we pulled into the parking place, I wondered to myself whether or not this vehicle was even road-safe. The passenger side which was right next to where we parked, was covered in little, medium and BIG dents and scratches all over it. Much of the van's paint had relocated itself on to the vehicle(s) that had crashed into this horseless carriage. The paint has now been replaced with rust and holes.

Stan opened his driver's side door and prepared to exit the Buick. He lost his footing but the van stepped up and kept him from falling down. Nice, huh? But, THAT'S when the nastiness erupted from the man in the van. He growled and yelled at Stan for touching his vehicle. We all about jumped out of our skin! Stan was very apologetic for any damages that he may have caused and joined the rest of us on our trek to the store.

This mishap reminded me of THE BILLY GOAT, GRUFF. Hopefully, on cooler days, that man is a sweetheart. As far as I am concerned, cooler days cannot get here soon enough...

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