Tuesday, July 20, 2010


No, not really but for the first day this summer since the outdoor highs rose above 80 degrees, the inside of our house is only 74 even though it is 78 outside!!! Such an answer to prayers!!! The girls and I had to stay up until after midnight last night as we waiting for the house to cool off. At that point, we were still sweating a bit and didn't want to try to sleep like that. But for the first time in weeks, we woke up in the morning with blankets on us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There's just one problem... The temporary a/c unit is too small for our house so it never turns off so our electric bill is gonna be worse than ever..................

Today, a great friend sent us an email entitled "HEAT". Boy! It puts into picture form EXACTLY what we've been feeling like!!! I only sent it out to a very select few because of a word that was used in the illustration. Though I tried to erase it so that I could put in a less abrasive word, the email would not allow me to do it.

Anyway, you see two ears of corn with faces. One looks normal. The other is covered in popcorn. The first asks the second if it is too hot for him/her. The second replies in a simple 2-word phrase that relays the message back to the first. Anyway, as soon as I saw it, I could emphasize with the hot ear of corn!


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