Friday, July 16, 2010

Just a wonderful thought...

As I was posting the information on the Scott County Fair which is coming up next week, I came across the fees for people to pay if they want to ride the rides in Scott City. They will be offering wrist bands for sale. If you purchase the bands BEFORE the fair begins, you will be paying $15.00 for each one. Any wrist bands that are purchased at the fair after that will cost $20.00 each. Each band is good for only one night per person. Many carnivals throughout the nation are charging that kind of money for their wrist bands also. So, in other words, if you have two kids who you will be purchasing these bands for, it will cost you $30.00 per night. If these two kids ride rides all three nights, you will pay $90.00 for their tickets. If you miss out on the $15.00 bands, you will end up paying $120.00 for the same two kids to ride the three nights. UNBELIEVABLE!!! It is no wonder why so many Scott Countians refuse to allow their children to ride their rides but instead, opt to bring them to Leoti where they can ride and ride for just 25 cents each ride. I am sooo proud of our Amusement Association! Without it's amazing ticket costs, MANY children would not be able to afford riding anything.


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