Wednesday, July 14, 2010


As you know, Lori has returned home. I wish that we could say that she is much better but that would be a bold-faced lie. Aunt Betty Elder is allowing Lori to use her lift chair as long as she needs it. Basically, all that Lori is able to do right now is to remain in the chair 24-hours-a-day. She gets out of it long enough to go to the bathroom and then immediately returns to it. Her breathing is not good. She cannot get enough oxygen. She can only talk for a very few minutes before she has to get off of the phone, etc. I've never seen her so weak.

She has an appointment with Kathy Bangerter at the Sharon Springs Clinic this morning. Hopefully at that time, we can proceed to the next steps. I would assume that they would include oxygen being brought in, pain medications, etc.

Folks, I cannot stress enough to you that Lori is in a very serious condition. She will not recover overnight.

Lori has her cards, flowers, plants, etc set up right across the room from her so that she can see them often. Each one of them means so very much to her!!! If you want to send a card, please send it to

Lori Christensen
407 South 4th Street
Leoti, Ks.

If you want to send flowers or a plant, Jeanene from the Ladybug Flower Shop will deliver them right to Lori's house for you. That phone number is 620-375-2172.

Some very dear people in Leoti have gone out of their way to try to set up a fundraiser to help Lori with all of the many expenses that just keep climbing. ALL OF US appreciate that tremendously!!! Unfortunately, Lori cannot legally accept that because of the fact that she is currently in a political office. That could be misconstrued as a bribe. Ridiculous, I know, but it is what it is.

If you want to help out, sending meals to them would be an excellent gesture. Last night, Mark and Michelle Jones brought them a DELICIOUS meal with all of the trimmings right down to a banana cake with carmel frosting. It makes me hungry just thinking about it!!! Lori, Leif and Lars appreciate this act of kindness so very dearly!!!

My mom, the girls and I returned to Garden City yesterday to pick their van up from the body shop there. As you know, a little over a month ago, it was wrecked in GC and was not in any shape to bring back to Leoti until it was repaired. Ordinarily, they prefer to do their business at home. As we were leaving the shop's lot, we discovered that the windshield is now broken also. We went back to the office. A couple of people including our very own Levi Elder came out to look it over. It was determined that more-than-likely the collision had caused a small crack to appear. Since then, it just got bigger and bigger. Hopefully, it will be repaired soon. They really need their van in good condition soon so that they can make their trips to the various doctors who she needs to see.

So, right now, please pray. If you want to donate food, please do so. Their house is the red brick house right next door to the sheriff's office.

Thank you!!!



  1. Lynn, would it still illeagal if a jar was set up. no body would know who put money in it unless it was a check and that could be returned nicely. food is an excelant idea but it doesn't help pay the other needed items that insurance doesn't cover. I know from experience

  2. I will check with Lori and see how the law would look at that. Thanks for your concern!!!



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