Sunday, July 25, 2010

ERA Laundry Detergent

From the time that I was very young, Mama used ERA for all of our laundry. Daddy and Lona Sue were often allergic to other brands. They got along just fine with ERA and it did a great job on our clothes that kids get grubby plus it did a wonderful job on all of Daddy's greasy workclothes.

Now that I have my own family whom I wash laundry for, I have always been very happy with ERA but I also enjoy using Tide with Febreeze in it. For years, I have really enjoyed buying the extra large bottles of ERA that hold enough liquid to wash 75 loads. They come complete with a pour spigot and an attachable measuring cup. I purchased one of those bottles about 3 years ago. Since then, I have just refilled it with either more ERA or Tide. But, today, I found out that ERA has come out with a much smaller 75-load bottle. It is the 2X detergent that requires half of the same detergent to clean the same amount of clothes.

Now, the shelf in the corner above our washing machine will hold the soap PLUS fabric softener and Clorox!

At this time, I do not know what stores carry this particular bottle. The Leoti Dollar General does. It sells for $10.00 plus tax.


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