Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Interesting occurence at home...

We have had the sweetest (normally) female long-haired Chihuahua, Tilla, in our home for the past several months. We just love her dearly! About a month ago, I drove Mama, Lori and Lars to McPherson for a doctor's appointment. While there, we picked up the sweetest male Powderpuff Chinese Crested dog for Lori and her family. What a jewel he is! But as you know, Lori has become quite ill and can no longer handle him jumping all over her plus he wants to beat up on her orginal Chinese Crested male all of the time. So, she asked us to take Mr. Barnum. We were only too happy to do so so Barnum moved in with us late last week.

Well...for the last couple of days, we have been noticing that Barnum and Tilla are "falling in love" (the beginning acts of breeding). That is fine with us considering the fact that that is what we had planned since we picked up Barnum a month ago. The combination of a Chihuahua and a Chinese Crested is a ChiChi. (Go on to the internet and type in ChiChi. You will see just how adorable this new breed is!)

There is just one leetle problem... Dogs aren't exactly the modest type when it comes to the task of propagating. So, whenever this natural urge comes upon Barnum, the rest of the family is prone to knowing EXACTLY what is on his mind. Disgusting, to say the least! Even though I LOVE baby animals, seeing how they begin their trek to birth is something that I could VERY easily do without! LOL!!!

Thanks to the various science channels on TV which go into great detail about the breeding of animals, my daughters appear to know more about the topic of SEX than I do right now!!! Now, Leighlyn is 12. She is very conservative and prefers to keep some things to herself. The mating of dogs is one of those things. Thank, goodness!!!

Abigayle who is 8, is not like that. She is quite interested in the whole subject and has been "teaching" me the finer implements of the breeding of animals and fish. Mercy, me!!! Believe me, she has succeeded in teaching me a thing or two no matter how much I have tried to avoid the subject...

Even though I spend a great deal of my "education" being red-faced, I still laugh a tremendous time either inside my body or outside of it when she goes into various details. (Thank you--NOT--to the science channels for discussing things such as this!!! I had preferred that Danley and I would someday sit down to the dining room table and tell her what we WANTED to tell her about the whole topic of sexual intercourse!!! You know, like when she was 35-years-old... But in actuality, I am sure that Animal Planet, etc is actually teaching them more in-depth information that someday could make a difference. Abigayle is very interested in becoming a veterinarian.

One day this week when I was cooking a meal, she came into the kitchen and was quite alarmed. She informed me that Barnum was behind Tilla. She asked me if that was normal behavior for two dogs to breed. If not, we needed to take the two of them to our vet so that they could work things out. Out of the mouths of babes...

Fortunately, there have been a few really positive things that have come out of this whole experience.

First of all, Abigayle wanted to make sure that Barnum and Tilla were in love with one another. She wanted these "acts" to end immediately if they were not.

Secondly, have they married each other just as Brutus and Saudi did before Cinderella and her brothers and sisters were born.

Thirdly, will Barnum be present in the room when Tilla gives birth? All good daddies are in the birthing room. Guess she learned that when Danley was there when both, Leighlyn and Abigayle, were born.

Oh, goodness! Can anyone tell me just how long this love-making event lasts??? It can't be too short for us...


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