Monday, January 11, 2010

Who or WHAT are you sleeping with???

Just in the past few years, Americans are once again learning that the bed bugs have returned--with a VENGENCE!!! In my younger days, I believed that bed bugs were just something out of fiction. I was wrong. They are real and they could be living in YOUR house. It doesn't matter how clean or how dirty your house is, they could be living with YOU!!!

Bed bugs are insects that must survive by living off of human and animal blood. Yuk! These nasties don't always live in beds though. They like dark places and feed at night. Favorite places for them to set up "housekeeping" are in any furniture, closets, tears in wallpaper, clothing, baseboards, bedding tufts, seams of mattresses, on headboards, bed frames, boxed springs, etc. They can live ANYWHERE.

Why are they back in our beds and in our lives? It is simple. Bed bugs have been in our world for thousands of years. For a long time, they practically disappeared in the continental United States. That all changed when the U.S. Government banned the chemicals that had once been used to control them. Once the chemicals were gone, the bugs returned quickly.

Currently, Congress is now considering HR--2248 to decide just what needs to be done to stomp these nasty little pests out of our beds and out of our homes for good.

What do bed bugs look like? They are very tiny flat insects. Actually, it is much easier to see what they leave behind than to see them. Look for brown specks. The specs are concentrations of dried blood and feces (bowel-movements of the bugs).

What can we do now to kill them in our homes? Various products are out there. One that I did some research on today that claims to be 97% effective with just one spray is Fairy Tales' Sleep Tite Bed Bug Spray. (That's the same company that has the lice treatment that a reader named Lynn had just recommended to us earlier today.) For more information or to order, please call 888-244-1990. They recommend that you spray any of the favorite living spots that I just mentioned plus, take some with you whenever you are planning on spending any nights in hotels/motels, friends/families homes, camps, etc. When you are ready to return to your own home, make sure that you spray your luggage plus the clothes that you have worn on your trip with the spray so that you don't introduce these dirty fellas to your home. Remember that these bugs thrive in dirty homes, clean homes, with dirty people and clean people. They're not selective. They are just interested in eating your blood!

Once you use the Sleep Tite Spray as directed, your house should be rid of these bed bugs within 2 weeks. Sleep Tite is classified as being GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe). It is pesticide-free and can be safely used around children and pets. Industrial sized containers are also available.


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