Wednesday, January 6, 2010

David Tucke MIller

As you know, David, underwent a very serious and tricky surgical procedure last year. Since then, his recovery has not been easy. He and his parents returned to Minneapolis, Mn approximately 1 month ago for a routine check-up. The results were fantastic! He is now as healthy as any other child his age! Praise the Lord!

Dennis and Jeanette Miller are his parents.


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  1. Thank you lynn for posting this article. I did want to inform ppl that David will still have to check his blood sugar levels atleast 2 times a day should be 3 but you know if he can get away with it he will do just 2, for the rest of his life. There could be a day when his cells quit working and then he would be a full diabetic.. The other thing he has to do is take enzymes with each meal and snack.. Other then that he is a normal boy who is ready to start tacklin the world.. It is so amazing to think that 1 year ago tomarrow he was getting out of the hospital and everything was up in the air with how it was all going to work.. Now this year he has been cleared to play football.. Our family is so blessed.. Thank you to everyone who stood by us through all this. We can never begin to repay all of you but if you ever need help with anything stop buy or give us a call... we are more then willing to help... God bless you all..

    Jeanette Tucke-Miller and Family


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