Thursday, January 7, 2010

Well... hmm, we have them.

I kinda hate to have to include this in my postings but it is only right. We have a herd of dogs, who, at times, do not stay in their own yard. Ugh! Since Summer, they have "gone shopping" and brought home some "exquisite designer" sweaters and tee-shirts for each other. They always deliver them to our front door and are so very proud as soon as we acknowledge their latest finds.

Over and over, we have brought them into the house and hold them here in case the REAL owner's human family members will come and claim them. So far, no one has... We certainly hope that the sweaters and tee shirt were left outdoors for our 4-legged wonders to steal. I'd hate to think that our gang chased and rolled their victims so that they could take the fashion statements! LOL!!! Another question comes to mind, if no violence has taken place to take the sweaters, WHY were they left outdoors in the first place???

Anyway, if you're missing these items, please come to our house, identify them, pay any rewards ( JUST KIDDING!) and you can take them home! LOL! I've actually thought about dressing our "kids" in them. I wonder what the rightful owners would think if they saw THEIR sweaters on OUR dogs' backs...

At various times, we've also found single shoes, boots, gloves, ANIMAL SKELETON HEADS, other bones, dead mice, empty Folgers Coffee containers, etc. on our front porch. If they're yours, please pay for this ad and you can take them home with you...


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