Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Troubling issue

This Winter season has been plagued with a large quantity of foggy days. My husband is a professional truck driver and is on the road for 5-6 days every week. He has complained all Winter of a large number of cars, pick-ups, etc who are traveling WITHOUT their headlights turned "on". He said that because of the heavy fog and the meeting of non-lit-up vehicles, there is an even bigger chance of accidents occuring. He said that silver vehicles are the worst to meet in the fog because they blend right in with the fog! Stan said that even though fog is heavy, many drivers still insist on passing slower-moving vehicles in front of them. It is bad enough to do that with cars coming towards them with their lights turned on, let alone with vehicles with no lights.

Lessons of the day:

1. Make sure that your car's lights are turned ON in times of fog, snow, etc.
2. Slow down to a reasonable amount of speed. As the saying goes, "Drive like hell, you'll get there!"
3. Watch out for what other vehicles around you are doing.
4. If you are especially nervous when driving in fog, snow, rain, etc., it is better that you pull off of the road until the weather conditions improve. Slow moving vehicles are also a major danger on the roadways. If pulling onto the road's shoulder, make sure that your vehicle is completely off of the road!
5. Drivers who insist on talking on cellphones are not only putting their own lives in danger, they are also putting YOUR life in danger. Doing this in poor weather conditions is even more dangerous.

Please drive safely! The life you save may be your very own!


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