Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Update from Chris

Since my last posting from Chris, I have not heard anything more. Though Chris had hoped to communicate with us each day, Darfur is a very traumatic place right now. We need to continue to pray for Chris, Peter and their comrades. It is very possible that the ony reason that we have heard no more is because of the fact that there is no "normal" internet as most of us use where they are. They are dependant upon satellite internet and blackberries to keep them in touch with the rest of the world.

By MY estimations, Chris and Peter should have another week there. Maybe when Chris is able to communicate with us again, she'll be able to tell us just how much longer they will be there.

I REALLY appreciate all of the wonderful opinions and comments that so many of you have communicated with me about Chris!!! I only hope that I can remember all of them so that I can share them with Chris after she leaves Africa! It would be great if you could leave your comments after my postings or email them to me at !Normally I could email them to her right now but due to the fact that internet security is so lacking, I believe that I should not share those comments with her until she is in a safe location once again. Of course I have their phone numbers but I don't believe that they would appreciate a non-emergency call when they are either in the middle of giving shots, sleeping, etc. Since Africa is clear across the globe from us, their days and nights are opposite of ours.

PLEASE DON'T STOP PRAYING FOR CHRIS AND PETER, ETC!!! We never know what may be happening with them when our prayers enter God's ears. This current event in their life reminds me of something that I read in the ONLY adult book that I have read from cover to cover. It is Billy Graham's book of ANGELS. In that book, he tells us just whom angels are, what their purpose is and what they do for us each and every day. If you have not read this book already, I strongly recommend that you do. It is amazingly eye-opening and educational. In the book, there is a passage about a group of missionairies who were also doing work such as Chris and Peter in a hostile country. Their only protection from enemy forces is a canvas tent--just as is with Chris and Peter. Throughout their mission, they remain unbelievably safe. Years later, the missionairies are back in the same hostile country where they meet a tribesman from the same area as where they had "lived" before. Since their last vist in the country, he has been converted from nothing into Christianity. As they are all visiting, the tribesman asks the group who those HUGE soldiers with the amazing guns were who had surrounded their camp every night. He shared with them that he and his fellow tribesmen had come many nights with the anticipation of killing them. Each night, they retreated because of fear of what the soldiers would do to them with their guns. Of course, the tribesmen at that time could only have used bows and arrows against the mighty weapons of the angels.

The missionairies responded that they had no security and that they had no weapons with them at no time when they were in the country. It was quite evident to these men that the security personnel were none other than groups of angels sent from God above.


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