Friday, January 15, 2010

Kudos to the City of Leoti!

As I've mentioned here before, I have not always been a major fan of our City Department. For the past couple of years, it has really improved. At one time, the neighborhoods just north of the tracks, were basically forgotten by the City crew. (ummm, not completely. Those people were still remembered when it was time for the water bill to be paid.) But the people in that area usually depended on dirt roads to get from point A to wherever.

About 2 or 3 years ago, we had an AMAZING and historical Winter in Western Kansas. Several feet of show fell here that year. Our streets took a real beating. I made plenty a-call to City Hall to complain. Occassionally, street equipment was dispatched to help. Even after that, driving on these streets gave us a really good idea of what it must be like to drive in war torn countries. I admit that I am not normally a patient person. (I HATE that about myself!!! I don't know where I got that. Both of my parents' middle names were Patience. It didn't rub off on to me...) Eventually, I decided that enough was enough so I called City Hall AGAIN and demanded to be put on the docket for the next City Hall Meeting. I was granted that right. I darn sure made it to the meeting and I was ready to say my piece!!! Given the fact that I am normally NOT the kind of person who enjoys speaking in front of large groups of people, speaking to the City council people took ALOT of guts! In addition to them, several other people from "A" Street had also gone to the meeting to complain about their street. "A" Street neighbors had previously selected one person to speak for all of them, Kenneth Gerstberger. Ken and I told the Council why we were there. More than a few minutes had lapsed from beginning to end.

And for the results, work was done IMMEDIATELY. "A" Street received the work that they needed done. The roads that I had complained about were given the most attention in YEARS!!! I had also complained of speeding traffic on "E" Street which runs just south of our house. Amazing work was done there! The City hired a land-moving company to dig out two dips there. They served two purposes. 1. They allowed better drainage for the water. 2. They slowed traffic down. The company put new crowns on the roads which had disappeared a long time ago. Sand and gravel were laid on the roads. It was just wonderful!

Well, the recent snowstorms have done another number on the dirt roads. (I am not complaining though. It is GREAT to once again be receiving MOISTURE!!!) Yesterday, more equipment was sent here to smooth out the rough spots. In addition to that, they did something that had not been done in a very long time. They widened out the VERY narrow curve just to the north of us and "D" Street which is connected to it. THANK YOU, AARON, ETC!!! We notice your work up here!!!


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