Thursday, January 14, 2010

A little clarification...

I just read my comment on my previous post. I COMPLETELY agree with the commenter! I want to clarify my beliefs on the whole story.

First of all, if I worked in a post office and had the responsibilty of sorting through all of the mail and then making sure that it gets into the RIGHT boxes, I would most assuredly want the mail to be properly addressed whenever possible. I do NOT believe that our postal workers should be expected to memorize each and every person's mailing address. That would be impossible and ridiculous even in a town the size of Leoti. Whenever I am sending mail to someone whom I know the full address, I write the full address on the envelope. It really helps the postal workers do their job more efficiently and in a more timely manner. But...I do not know everyone's addresses for local people. I SERIOUSLY doubt that the post office employees are going to be appreciative of me asking them to give me an address for this person and for that person... Imagine how excited they would be if I entered their office with a stack of 50 Christmas cards and demanded that they give me addresses for each one right then on the spot. Meanwhile, 10 snarling customers stand behind me...

Speaking of Christmas cards, in case you are wondering why we did not send you one this year, we did not send them to anyone. Plainly and simply, postage costs too dog gone too much nowadays. Over the past few years, we have received fewer and fewer cards. So, either many others have come to the same conclusion as we have about the postage or maybe...we just need to face the fact that we are not poplular...

I just want you to understand that I am NOT slamming postal workers! Goodness, they have enough stress in their work the way it is. Look how many mass murders have taken place at various post offices if you want evidence on that! On the other hand, it ticks me off that mail is being destroyed in Leoti just because the entire mailing address was not complete. Just another of my MANY opinions...



  1. Hey Lynn heres one for ya... I went to scott city to renew my license on November 19th. I still have not recieved my license because as we all know on our license it has to have ur physical address.. Well now i know what happened im sure they threw it away.. So i have to go and spend another 8 dollars on top of the 43.00 that i spent before plus the gas and my time in order to get another license... I hope they destroyed it enough so nobody took it and my identity isnt taken or somethin.. Thanks for the info Lynn we just love ur blog...

  2. Errr! Isn't it just RIDICULOUS??? From what people "in the know" have told me, this has been happening in post offices throughout the U.S. for many years. I guess that we should just be happy that it is just now happening here. For those of us who have lived here for a considerable amount of time, we know that Leoti was considerably larger at one time. Of course, that meant more people and probably more mail. Still Don and Casey got the mail delivered to us. I hate to say it but I am going to say it anyway. Many people don't have as much pride in their jobs today as what people had a long time ago. Those people have become lazy and only care to make sure that they get their paycheck. It shows throughout the nation.

    I went to the Scott County Courthouse on Tuesday to compile my information for the Credit Bureau. There was a sign up in the Front Entrance that specified that there was a drivers licnse examiner in the office that day. You might want to check that out. I have to work on the second floor. Since I've had my heart surgery, walking up stairs is a traumatic thing to do but the courthouse has a lovely elevator for all to use. Just make sure that you enter from the East side of the building.

    Thank you for the very nice words! They are ALWAYS appreciated!!!!!!!


  3. As a former post office worker, mail is NEVER destroyed in the Leoti post office! I don't know where that assumption came from. If an address cannot be located, the mail is returned to sender, if no return address is on the mail it is sent back to the regional terminal which for our area is Dodge City. Not sure where the idea that if they cannot figure out where it goes, they just throw it away ever entered the picture??? And, for anyone that wants to "bag" on the postal workers in Leoti, why don't you go work there for a week and see how accurate and timely you are putting up mail for 2500 people when only half of the mail has an address on it! Try it, see how good you are! It is not the USPS's responsibility to provide YOU with addresses for YOUR mail that YOU are sending, it is YOUR responsibility! So, don't be mad if it never makes it to where you are trying to send it!


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