Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A great donation.

The Wichita County Historical Society has been given probably the best donation that has ever been given! The son and 2 daughters of Mrs. Margie Ames-Taggert have donated their mother's BEAUTIFUL Victorian home to the organization! It is located on the Northeast corner of the laundromat's block. I know her local children's names but do not know the name of their sister. Until I have that information, I will not disclose their names.

The Wichita County Historical Society under the very capable direction of Mrs. Curt (Karen) Walk, is responsible for our local museum, Museum on the Great Plains. Through the past several years, our museum has undergone a MAJOR transformation from the inside-out. It is simply a must-see if you are going to be in the Leoti area!

I, personally, am very excited about this donation as I have been invited to help Karen with the decorating and restoration of this historical home! I am going to do my best to get as much history on this home as possible so that I can bring the information to all of you! Grants are currently being sought to help with the restoration. If you are interested in making donations to this cause, please call Karen Walk. I hesitate to list her telephone number, etc on my blog. You can contact me directly and I will help you connect with Karen.

Thank you!!!


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