Saturday, January 30, 2010

Chris and Peter

I received concerning news on Thursday but did not want to share it until I heard back from Chris that I made sure that it was okay for me to post it.

Last week, I told you that during their humanitarian work in Darfur in the Sudan Region of Africa, Peter became VERY ill. Chris and their security people transported him to Cairo, Egypt so that he could see a doctor. At that time, the Egyptian doctor determined that he had a serious case of the flu. Given the fact that their work was not completed in Darfur yet, Peter and Chris decided that she needed to resume the work while their pilots would fly him back to their Tuscan home so that he could be seen by their doctor there.

By this time, I figured that he was back on the road to recovery. I thought wrong. A few days after he landed in Tuscany, Chris finished her work in Africa. Their jet flew back to Cairo to fly her home. Instead of Peter being better, he was still very ill. His fever is not going down.

Last night, their jet was to fly the two of them back to New York where he can meet with his doctor whom he has the most trust and confidence in. As of 11:45 a.m. on Saturday, I have heard nothing more from them.

Peter and Chris also own homes in New York and Connecticut. I am ASSUMING that they will stay in one of those homes for awhile as Peter recovers from whatever has a hold on him.

I would ask that you pray for Peter and Chris. Peter is a very sick man right now.

Last night, Chris told me that they plan on returning to Africa in late-Spring to carry on even more help. As of Thursday, she was just totally exhausted. Chris could have definitely benefitted from a hot steamy bubble bath and her own comfortable bed. Instead, she just couldn't leave Peter's side which I definitely understand. I am also sure that Peter probably started feeling better as soon as he saw her face and her hand clasped his hand. Love brings a large amount of comfort to us when we are so very ill.

They are still planning a trip to Haiti. Of course, his health will put that on hold until he is much better.

As I've mentioned before, Peter and Chris are globe-trotters. They spend much of their time helping the needy throughout the world. They fly their own jet whenever possible. I asked Chris how many pilots they employee. She told me that their jet is so large that two must fly the plane at all times. Whenever they fly from one continent to another, they have three pilots on the plane just so that the pilots can take a break

Thank you for your concern, but most importantly, thank you for your prayers!!! I will be keeping you posted.


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