Monday, January 11, 2010

Update on Chris Campbell. 01/11/2009

I admit that I had become very concerned when I failed to hear anything from Chris since Saturday. I was extremely relieved a few minutes ago when I received an email from her in regards to their ongoing mission in Africa. She sent the email at 11:55 a.m. on
Monday, January 11th. As promised, I am going to pass her information on to all of you.

She reports that her email must be done in brief amounts because of the extreme conditions. They are in a different location than what was originally planned. Of course, that location is not something that can be mentioned at this time for their own security purposes.

Earlier, I had sent a list of questions to Chris and Peter that I thought would be of interest to many of us. Here are their responses:

1. I wanted to know what they eat and drink when they are working in Africa. She answered back that they carry their own food and water. Because of their very busy schedule, they only eat in the evenings.

2. I was also interested in knowing where they "live" during this time. Chris told me that they have a 2-room tent that is set up in the main section of the medical treatment area. The mission's workers and 8 security personnel all live in these two rooms.

3. I was also concerned about what kind of weapons are being carried by the security team members. Due to the fact that internet security levels are so minute and because of the need to protect themselves and the security people, that information could not be disclosed. That, of course, is quite understandable.

4. When asked what they are traveling in in Africa, Chris told me that there is a variety of desert vehicles being used on this journey.

5. I also asked who out of their famous friends are on this particular mission. Chris told me that none of them are there this time. As I reported earlier, all of the aide organizations that were in Africa were forced to leave the country in 2009. Due to the high tension situation at this time, it was decided that those people should not be in Africa right now.

6. When asked about the current weather conditions there, Chris told me that the highs are around 100 and at night, the temps COOL off clear down to 85 degrees!!! The sand has been blowing for much of the time that they have been there.

7. Being one who enjoys being able to bathe, I asked Chris how often they get to shower. She told me that IF they are lucky enough to get to take a shower, they usually get to do it once every other day. The longest that they can shower is 3 minutes.

As soon as Chris has more time, she will be sending another email. I assure you that it will be posted here right after I get it.

I cannot stress enough just how dangerous this mission is for Chris and Peter. PLEASE keep them in your prayers!!!


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