Thursday, January 21, 2010

Excuse me!

I have spent the better part of the day in a great deal of physical pain--part of that time was spent in the clinic and hospital having tests run. After all of that, I had two hours of work before I could return home. I just did get home and turned on my blog. When I first get signed in, I usually check to see if anyone has left any comments for me that may need to be answered. Tonight, I found a comment that I find to be completely distateful.

Mike and Ledia are very good friends of ours. I have been inside their home and can tell you quite honestly that they are as clean as anyone can possibly be. To see that someone was asking if their bed had been "sanitized" really upsets me! I am ASSUMING that the writer thought that he/she was making a funny. Guess what! It doesn't tickle me in the very least. Believe me, if we were in need of purchasing a bed, I would jump at the chance of buying their bed!

Lets play this game, MY way! If you want to hurt me, hurt ME, not my friends. I have already admitted on my blog that I said some TERRIBLE things the other day when I was ill. I NEVER would have even thought of such terrible things had I not been sick.

From time to time, I have said things on my blog that never should have been said. I am NOT a healthy person! My doctors have told me that the best health that I will EVER be in from here on out is FAIR. I live with DAILY pain and weakness in my body. If that wasn't bad enough, my bi-polar disorder acts up once in a while. I can go from the highest point of any mountain and sink to the depths of hell in a very short amount of time. Though I take heavy doses of medication to keep either from happening, they still do. During those times, I have been known to say horrendous things that NO ONE should ever think, let alone say. Don't get me wrong. Though I have some tough times ahead of me, I am just thankful for the fact that God has blessed me with what I have! I should have been DEAD in 2002.

Mike and Ledia are two of the very best people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing! Since they moved to Wichita County, they have been nothing but assets to our community.

Mike and Ledia, I AM SO SORRY THAT YOU WERE TARGETTED LIKE THIS JUST SO THAT SOMEONE COULD GET BACK AT ME!!! At times like this, I have to admit that I wonder if I should have ever decided to write my blog. I hate to see good people like the Ayalas attacked when they did NOTHING to deserve it...

My mother and sisters refuse to read my blog. They find some of my postings to be offensive and hate to see that someone may retaliate against me and hurt my feelings. (I am a super sensitive person.) As soon as they hear from friends or family that others than me have been hurt, they will be even more upset with my blog. As a result of that, they will do all that they can to "shut me down." I don't blame them.


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  1. Lynn
    There is a saying "*&it happens", don't let this moment in time get you down or how others want to destroy your moment. What you write, share, inform, etc. allows many to keep contact to their roots. There are numerous of us who have chosen to leave Kansas for numerous reasons but know the roots of what we do are planted there and we find comfort in hearing what you have to say or else the information you pass along. Keep writing, do you know that at one time there were many who wanted Shakespeare beheaded.......Not that anyone is looking for your head. But consider yourself among the greatest writers of all time.


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