Saturday, January 9, 2010

Prairie Land Food BONUS Boxes Available

If you are interested in ordering some extra tasty boxes this month, please give Sharon Mullen or Lorene Giesick a call. I prefer not to disclose their contact information unless they give me permission to do so. So...if you wish to call them, please call me at 375-4584 or email me at

FYI, since posting this yesterday, Sharon has notified me that her phone number can be posted here. Please call her at 375-4715 to order boxes, ask questions, etc.

Remember that these boxes are not only available in Wichita County. In this area, boxes are delivered to Tribune, Leoti, Scott City, Dighton, Ness City... Eventually, they make their way to Manhattan, etc. I am sure that Sharon can tell you who you need to call in your own county.

Thank you!!!


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  1. Lynn, you have my permission to list my phone number 620-375-4715


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