Monday, January 18, 2010

Interested in receiving NON-dial-up internet at the farm, etc?

I am also signed up on FACEBOOK. Yesterday, several people were complaining about having to dial up every time that they want to use the Internet. I did a bit of research today on the matter locally. I was able to find out that Wheatland Broadband does get Internet to farms WITHOUT dial up. Of course, they also deliver Internet in town. This is what all I learned today!


1. Always striving for the best technical support
2. Locally owned and operated
3. Committed to promoting local community growth
4. Taking the Internet to the FARM
5. Always there 24 /7. (30 minute callback after hours)
6. Determined to be YOUR choice for high speed internet


Type: Speed
Basic $39.95 1024/384 kb
Preferred $54.95 2048/512 kb
Premium $69.95 3072/1024 kb

For more information, please call any of the following numbers in Scott City:


Or go to their website at . Much more information is available there!

Hope that this helps those of you in the country to connect with the rest of the world!!!


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