Saturday, January 16, 2010

Six Month Anniversary

Wow! Time really flies, especially when you're having fun!!!

As of tomorrow, Sunday, January 17th, 2010, I have been writing my blog for a WHOLE SIX MONTHS!!! I have thoroughly enjoyed meeting you here whenever you had time and/or the desire to "Read All About It"!

A little over 6 months ago, my heart was shattered when I had received a nasty email from a former resident of Wichita County. In that email, he/she told me to never send him/her another email AGAIN unless it was something that I KNEW FOR SURE that he/she would be interested in receiving. For those of you who don't already know, during the prior year or so, I had been sending individual email out to our family who did not live here, former classmates and friends. Those email informed the recipients of information that I believed was interesting. Examples include, the setting up of the bunches of wind generators to the east of Leoti, Fair schedules, etc. Some people responded that they really appreciated the information. But, as in every situation, there is always that one person who does not appreciate something. Instead of just discarding the email that he/she was not interested in reading and forgetting about it, he/she decided to slam me with his/her displeasure. Once again, it was just like I was in grade school and was as unpopular as I was back then. (That's not to say that I think that I am popular now.) Through all of the hurtful things that were written to me, the person suggested that if I insist on wanting to "share" with others, I should set up a blog.

Back then, I knew very little about blogging and had no desire to write one. Through my many years, wisdom occassionally appears somewhere in my brain. That wisdom told me not to hold my pain inside of me and let it eat it's way out. So...I called my mom and my sister, Lori ,to discuss what ******* ******* had had the guts to tear me inside out with this time. Both of them were upset with the email that had been sent to me. Their support made me feel considerably better. Lori then told me that she thought that the blog idea might actually be a good thing. She volunteered to set the blog up for me as we all know that I am anything and everything EXCEPT a literate computer user. LOL!!!

Lori set the blog up in just a few minutes. She then gave me "operating instructions". I promptly went to work writing my first post. From then on, I have written post after post. A few had to be deleted from my blog because they proved to be too emotional for me. You see, I use my writing as a way of eliminating stress. Sometimes, I have been experiencing some very sad times. What I wrote into my blog ended up being just too personal.

Other times, I have posted one of MY opinions that wasn't necessarily the same that everyone else had. LOL! Some people who did not agree with what I wrote, placed their comments under my posting, emailed me or called me. I have to admit that there were times I was hurt by what others said. Most of the time, people who disagreed just made their comments and life went on. I actually changed my opinion sometimes when the commenter explained his/her viewpoint. No matter what, I URGE you to comment any time you feel inclined to do so. I LOVE to hear from all of you!!!

The saddest thing that ever happened to me with my blog, was when I received a phone call from a relative of mine. All four of us had spent the past few days being sicker that I can ever remember us being. We were TOTALLY convinced that we had had the H1N1. (Later, we find out that we just had a bad virus.) Anyway, I was sick, it was late so I went into the kitchen to take my MANY prescription drugs and then I was going to bed. Wrong!!! Our phone rang. Stan answered it and called me to the phone. The person at the other end asked me why I didn't sound like myself. I explained to her that I was horribly sick. Even knowing that, she decided to stab me with everything that she had. Believe me, she held NOTHING back. I was told that my blog was "nothing but a local gossip rag". She also informed me that "she better not EVER learn that I mentioned anything about any of her family members in my gossip crap!" At first, I tried to ask her what in the world was wrong with my blog, she just continued yelling at me. Eventually, I could handle no more so I bid her "good-bye" and hung up. Now, that incident REALLY screwed me up good. I was embarrassed that anyone would think that my blog was thought of as being an instrument for the transmission of nastiness. That was NEVER my intent. I just about quit blogging right then and there.

Again, I turned to Stan, Mama, Lori and Lona Sue for their support and wisdom on the matter. I really did not know what to expect from all of them. After all, my relative who had just crucified me was also a relative of theirs! Fortunately, they threw their support and love to ME!!! Since then, I have never spoken to my "biggest fan" again. This does not sound good, but honestly, I care nothing about talking to him/her at any time in the near future. Oh, and by the way, I have not mentioned any of his/her family in my blog. Period.

Not only has my blog helped me but it has also helped people to help others. Because of the help from several of my blog's readers, we were able to give gifts to area children who otherwise would have received nothing for Christmas. I so appreciate all of those people's kindness!!! Three children who were helped had NEVER received any gifts--Christmas, birthday, etc--EVER!!! One of those children still has one unwrapped gift that she is saving for next Christmas so that she will have a gift then. Brings tears to my eyes every time I think about it...

A couple of months ago, I reported that a man who lived across the street from us, had just been killed in a tragic vehicle accident. He left behind a beautiful wife, and three children from age 5 down to 9 months. The family basically had NOTHING. He was the only working parent in the family. With him gone, a lack of food was immediately addressed. People responded to my blog by asking me what they could give to help the family. A BUNCH of people delivered food to them, clothes, diapers, etc. We soon discovered that the only people in the family who had beds were the mother and the baby. The two older kids slept on the floor because the parents had not had enough money to buy them a bed yet. Friends of ours stepped up and offered to give them a bunkbed that included a twin bed on the top and a full bed on the bottom. The mother was thrilled! Stan and a friend of ours drove to the country, picked it up, took it to the family and reassembled it. The kids were beside themselves with excitement!!! And what timing took place. God blessed the family with the beds just a few days before the REALLY cold snap hit us. Without the beds, those little tykes would have been sleeping on a hard and VERY cold floor.

Originally, Lori and I believed that she and I would be the only ones who would read my blog. Too many of us have way too much to occupy our time everyday let alone find time to search the internet for my blog. I am happy to say, that all of you proved Lori and I to be wrong. So far, thirteen of you have signed up for my blog to be sent to you directly and automatically as soon as I add another posting. (That warms my heart every time I think of that!!!) Others have called me, emailed me, left comments or spoken to me in person about your feelings of my blog. You'll never ever know just what that means to me!!! I never get tired of hearing the sweet things that you have said!!!

I have gotten to know many of you better. I've been reacquainted with some whom I haven't talked to in MANY years!!! One of the sweetest things that has happened to me, is that I have gotten to meet some new people who I otherwise would never have known! People from Wichita County, a few other states, Canada and ITALY actually read what I have to say!!! It has really been nice to be able to keep our relatives updated on what is happening with us through the blog!

There are some additions coming to my blog that I hope you will enjoy! I've already posted my first interview and have a few more that I will be posting soon. Chris and Peter have been trying to keep us updated on what they are seeing in Africa with their very own eyes! Unfortunately, we have received no news on their work there for several days. As soon as I hear from them again, I will post their information right here. I would also love to include your engagement, wedding, anniversary information here! I'd also love to post your pregnancy and birth announcements here! I think that you would be surpised to know just how many people would love to know what is happening in your life!!! If you are interested in sharing, please email your info. to me at, call me at 620-375-4584 or drop by!!! If you are moving to a new address or town, send me that information also! If you can think of anything else, send it to me. please! long as you are willing to keep meeting me here, I will look forward to continuing my updates on the world around me.

God bless you!



  1. congrads on your annversey here. no matter what people say you do great in our community. keep up the good work. beth

  2. Sometimes it turns out good to have been given lemons (bad email) to make lemonade (blog).


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