Friday, January 15, 2010

Its a miracle!!!

No, I am definitely NOT making fun of amazing events that only God can produce! Quite the contrary as I am definitely a believer in the power of our Almighty God!!! I have personally seen miracles in my own life.

My husband, Stan, is a truckdriver. Several years ago, we purchased a satellite radio for him to carry in his truck so that he can listen to anything and everything that he wants to. He listens to FOCUS ON THE FAMILY, which is produced in Colorado Springs, Colo. This morning was no different. A former minister was speaking to the show's host. Stan could hardly understand anything that he was saying because a virus had affected the man's vocal cords many years ago which left him with a VERY raspy voice. Because of this, he had to give up his job but he never gave up his ministry.

His doctors had repeatedly told him that his voice would NEVER return to normal. No medicines--no treatments could reverse the damage that the virus had caused. They evidentally forgot about the power of God. As the man was answering questions, etc this morning in the interview, his voice RETURNED!!! It happened on a nationally televised radio show so that MANY people could actually witness this amazing miracle!!! Yes, folks, miracles are not a thing that only happened in biblical times--they still happen today and I believe that they will continue to happen until the very end. Please pass this information on to others!!!

Pray, pray PRAY!!! God hears your voice and answers your requests. He does not always answer our prayers the ways that we might want but he answers them the way that is ultimately the best for US.

In God We Trust!!!


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