Sunday, January 17, 2010

Chris and Peter

It had been almost 1 full week since the last time that I had heard anything from Chris and Peter as they continue to bring aid to the people of the Sudan Region in Africa. I had become more that a bit concerned about their welfare. Other people shared my concerns also.

Today, Sunday, January 17th, Chris sent me an email at 4:00 p.m. At that time, it was the middle of the night in Africa.

Chris reported that she and Peter are well but they are tired, hot and dirty. Can you imagine??? Mercy!

They will continue to deliver more aid to the refugees in the Sudan Region of Africa for 6 more days. From there, they will spend 2 restful days in Cairo, Egypt. Then, it is back to a different refugee camp in the Sudan Region for 1 more week.

Originally, they had planned on returning home after that. Those plans changed as soon as Chris and Peter learned of the earthquake in Haiti. Now, they plan on flying to Haiti to spend another 2 weeks there to help with the rescue efforts, etc.

They plan on writing to me as soon as they arrive in Cairo.

It should go without saying that our heroes definitely need our continued prayers and support as they continue to so willingly and generously give of themselves to so very many people in need.

In God we trust.


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