Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Last evening, I unleashed a fury of comments that I wish had never escaped my "fingertips". I posted the fact that I am furious at finding animal parts and bi-products strewn around my front and back yards, and in our neighbors' yards.

Last night, when I returned home from work, there was an animal's jaw, leg and things I did not recognize lying in our yard and on our front porch. Like a fool, I came in and went to writing of my disgust on my blog. Eventually, 2 people responded with negative comments. They did not anger me. The longer that I thought of the comments, I finally began to think that what I had written was TERRIBLE!!! This afternoon, I contacted two of the wisest people whom I know and asked them for their feelings on the matter. Immediately, they told me that I was wrong. Since then, I deleted all postings that I had written in regards to the issue.

One of the people whom I called is a current City Council Member in Leoti. She informed me that there is an ordinance against the slaughter and the cutting of the meat in Leoti UNLESS you do it inside a building with four walls so that no one else has to see what is happening. I COMPLETELY agree with that! I would like to go one step further though. It only seems proper to me that any bi-products left over from the animal be removed from the city limits.

My husband and I work for a living. Sometimes, it is hard to make ends meet. I have NO problem with people doing their own butchering if that is what they want to do.

I hope that you will forgive me for my prior writings on this issue. I was angry at the time and out-of-line for passing my opinions on to the rest of you!!!



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  1. I think you would be surprised at how many
    others share your feelings about what is happening
    to this town, It is two bad there can be NO discussion.

    I really don't feel safe here anymore.

    This is your blog and your opinion is important. keep up
    the good work.


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