Monday, January 11, 2010

Exciting conversation!!!

Yesterday before we went to Scott City, we dropped something by to our magnificent museum here in Leoti. Of course, it was always wonderful to get to visit with Curt and Karen Walk who run it so very well! Whenever Karen and I hook up, no one can expect a short conversation to take place. We can talk and talk and then after that, we can talk some more... Yesterday was no exception.

Soon we made our way to the Genealogy Room to a computer with information and pictures on the antique Washington Home which the Marge Ames family so generously donated to the museum. To say that I was very impressed would simply be putting it mildly as to what I REALLY thought. The house is absolute gorgeous!!! How I would love to own something like it someday!!!

Soon, we were looking at new wallpaper samples, drapery designs that the so very talented Karen is going to bring to life, which, by the way, she designed her very own self!!! We also discussed the many things that will be done to ready the house for public viewings. We are both so marveled at the fact that no one from the 1880s when the home made it to Leoti in bits and pieces via the railroad to being put together, to today has ever been painted over the oh-so-beautiful woodwork in the house. I also noticed that some of the wood is actually tiger oak which is a real rarity. (A couple of years ago, our brother-in-law, David Emme from Manhattan, gave us an antique dresser for us to convert into a be-u-ti-ful sink vanity for our main bathroom. It had MANY layers of paint that I lovingly removed. Eventually after the wood once again showed it's lovely face, we discovered that much of the chest was constructed out of tiger oak which before, I had never seen except for on TV. Originally, we had planned on buying a piece of marble to cover the top of the vanity. That all changed when we discovered under the paint that there had been a fire on the top. Stan assumes that a kerosene lantern had probably overturned causing the fire. Anyway, it just adds that much more character to the piece, that we are leaving it alone for the world to see and appreciate. Thank you, David!!! I just LOVE doing work like that!!!))

Eventually, we discussed what would be used to furnish the old house. That is where YOU come in!!! Curt and Karen have a few pieces of furniture that they will be putting over there but many more pieces will actually be needed. If you have ANYTHING that you do not mind sharing, please let Karen or me know. I am not just talking about furniture, dishes, curtains, rugs, etc will also be needed. Karen is going to be sending me a list of other items that will be necessary.

Once again, I do not feel comfortable putting the Walks' phone number here so please email me at or call me at 620-375-4584.

We are soooooooooo excited about getting the work going there! As soon as it is ready for open house, you can depend on me to post it here!!!


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