Thursday, January 21, 2010

Newest report from Chris and Peter

I just heard from Chris and wanted to pass more information on to you.

The Egyptian doctor has called Chris and Peter and told them that the tests' results are in. Peter does not have Malaria as they had believed earlier. Instead he has a very serious case of the flu. Malaria has the same symptoms as with severe forms of flu. The only way to know if an illness is in fact, Malaria, blood tests must be done. He is currently taking medications to help with the symptoms, etc. Some of their security personnel are going to fly him back to their Tuscan home tomorrow. An appointment has already been set up for him to meet with his doctor in Rome when he gets there. They will leave Cairo tomorrow morning.

Even though Chris and Peter always take anti-Malaria drugs before they go into the "wilderness", there is also the possibility that they can still contract the disease.

Since they have been in Cairo, Chris found out that while they were in Africa, Peter drank non-bottled water. That might be part of the problem. Because of that, Chris has requested that additional chemical panel tests be done. Fortunately, he will be okay again soon.

Chris will leave Egypt and return to the African desert tonight. She will remain there for the next few days. As soon as Peter is in Italy, their jet will be flown back to Cairo where it will remain until Chris' work has been done so that she, too, can fly back to Tuscany.

Chris and Peter appreciate your prayers and concern!


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