Sunday, January 24, 2010

New cleaning product!

Recently, I saw a commercial on TV advertising the new KABOOM Foam-Tastic Cleanser with the power of Oxi-Clean Stain Fighters. Though we buy the most of our laundry and cleaning supplies at our local Dollar General Store, this product is not yet available there. So, we purchased our first can of it at Wal-Mart. The 19 0z. spray container costs approximately $4.00 each.

I could hardly wait to try the new stuff out! (I get excited over the darndest things!!! LOL!!!) I tried it in both of our bathrooms on the sinks and bathtubs. I also used it in our kitchen's stainless steel sink. My family and I are THRILLED with the results!

You sinply spray the foam onto the surface you wish to clean. The foam is a beautiful shade of dark blue. As it cleans, the foam eventually turns white. According to the instructions, after the foam turns white, you just need to wipe it down and rinse. That's exactly what I did. I was left with sparkling fixtures and a clean fresh secent!

This KABOOM product removes soap scum, dirt, hard water stains, calcium, lime, grease and grime. It can safely be used on tubs, glazed ceramic tile, fiberglass, shower doors, vinyl shower curtains, sinks, countertops and chrome fixtures.

NOTE: It should NOT be used on acrylic, brass or unsealed granite or marble. I'd recommend this product to everyone!


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