Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Caution tape at Wichita County Courthouse's front entrance.

Earlier I mentioned that more caution tape has been strung across both sides of the front (Eastern) entrance into the courthouse here. I was concerned that there may possibly have been more violence done. Today, I found out why it is in place now.

Because of the large size of the windows and the strength of the glass that is needed to replace the shot windows, it will take quite some time for the windows to be manufactured and to be brought to Leoti and then to be installed. The winds that blew at Christmas time caused even more damage to the huge window above the front doors. Glass began falling on the porch. Of course, that was a very serious matter as it could cause substantial injury to those people walking through that set of doors. Though the broken glass was re-inserted into it's previous place and everything was re-taped as well as possible, the powers-that-be decided to close off the entrance until the new permanent windows can be installed. In the meantime, people can still enter through the northern set of doors and through the handicapped entrance in the south side of the building.

At this time, no arrests have been made.


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