Sunday, January 24, 2010

Current fundraiser for Duane (Woody) and Judy (Grusing) Woods

Earlier, I posted that Woody and Judy lost EVERYTHING including their home when it burned to the ground earlier this month.

Western State Bank and Security State Bank, both of Leoti, started fundraisers to help them rebuild their lives from the ground on up.

Brandee Hahn is also conducting her own fundraiser for them. The profits that normally would have landed in Brandee's pockets for this month, will instead be going to the Woods. Scentsy Products have really made a grand entrance in the past few years! This company makes a large variety of WICKLESS waxes that are melted in their own electric pots which are also decorative items in your home. We use Scentsy in our own home and greatly enjoy them! Please go to to look at the e-catalog. You can either make your order on Brandee's website or call her at 620-214-3532.

Brandee is requesting that orders be submitted to her by Friday morning if at all possible. Local orders will be delivered directly to you. Out of town orders can be delivered directly to your door via mail, etc. For those details, you need to visit with Brandee.

Thank you, Brandee, for your very kind generosity! Thank you to all of you who will make these orders to help the Woods Family!


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