Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The latest from Chris and Peter...

I am soooooooooo disappointed right now!!! We just arrived back home a few minutes ago. As always, I checked voice mail to see if we had missed any calls. We did! Chris and Peter had called from Cairo, Egypt and NO ONE WAS HERE TO ANSWER THE PHONE!!!

Fortunately, Chris left a message. She sounded totally drained. They left Africa three days earlier than they had planned because Peter has fallen ill. I have no other details about that at this time.

Chris mentioned that communication between them and the rest of the world has been terrible. There was still a bunch of static in the background with this call.

Anyway, Chris told me that she is planning on calling back tomorrow. (If you are reading this, Chris, I will be home most of the day except from 1:30 when I have a doctor's appointment in Leoti and then from 4-6:00 while I am at work. I can hardly wait to hear from you again!!!)

Please pray for Chris and Peter!!!


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