Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Dog/Cat Neutering, etc Clinic

The second Wichita County Dog and Cat neutering clinic is scheduled for Thursday, January 21st, at the Wichita County Veterinary Hospital in Leoti. Dr. Doug Hilbig of Lakin will be providing the surgeries as well as giving shots and doing other services. Surgeries will be done in the morning. The other services will be done that afternoon.

A local animal advocacy organization in town (NOT Silent Angels) is paying 1/2 of the total cost for the neutering and spaying. The pet owner must pay the other half. The pet owner's cost is $20.00 for neutering males and $25.00 for spaying females. If you are interested in taking advantage of this very generous offer, please call Lori Christensen at 620-375-5674.

The first clinic was held in mid-November. It was a MAJOR success! An amazing total of 33 animals were sterilized in a 2-day period. That means theoretically that as many as 500 unwanted animals were not born. That is just from one generation. Of course, if those unwanted and unloved dogs and cats went on to produce more unwanted and unloved dogs and cats, an astronomical number of stray animals were not born which would have caused many problems within the community.

Over the past several years, many famous people including Bob Barker of THE PRICE IS RIGHT fame , have stepped forward to do their part in helping to control the dog/cat population in the U.S. and other countries worldwide.

What's wrong with having the excessive popluation in our world? Well, for one thing, no dog or cat deserves to live a life where love is not provided to him/her. These unclaimed animals are forced to find their own food. Some choose to knock over trashcans in search of food. Some resort to killing other pets to obtain food. Disease spreads easily.

Some of those animals become mean and dangerous to not only other animals but to humans also. Eventually, police and animal control officers are forced to intervene. In many of those cases, the dog or cat must be euthanized (destroyed).

In order for this organization to be able to pay one half of each surgery, we are dependant upon donations. We also hold fundraisers where the proceeds are used for this cause. If you have a chance to help, PLEASE do. Your support will be MUCH APPRECIATED!!! Currently, we are planning a Valentine's Day fundraiser. I will be posting more information on that very soon. If you wish to make a monetary donation, please contact one of the members to do so.

Members include Cindy Fetty, Melodee Hoffer, Nina Wewer, Brandee Hahn, Charise Bocanegra, Tammy Geyer, Lori Christensen and Lynn Blau.

Thank you!!!


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