Monday, January 11, 2010

Instructions to clarify posting your comments on my blog.

Thank you, Kelley, for sending me this information! It is much appreciated!!!

After reading a post that you want to make a comment to:

1. Go to POST A COMMENT box.

2. Write your comment in the box. If you're interested in your name being involved, write it now at the bottom of the comment. (It is easier that way.)

3. You will be required to "select a profile." When that box is automatically opened, click on ANONYMOUS.

Kelley also found that if you click on the preview button first and then type in the security letters and /or numbers right away, the comment will be posted to my blog very quickly.

I hope that this will help you as I LOVE to read your comments! I may not always enjoy hearing what an evil person I am, LOL, but I want to see something anyway!!!

Of course, If you prefer, please email me at .

Happy commenting!!!


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