Sunday, January 31, 2010

New flooring material???

Yesterday, Mama had called us hysterically to ask for our help in ridding her house of a WILD half-grown kitten. Stan was still at work so the girls and I flew over. We thought that we were "prepared" for whatever may happen. The girls had donned winter gloves to protect their hands from whatever the cat may dish out.

When we got to her house, Mama had the kitten trapped in her master bedroom. We snuck in there and closed the door behind us. Once there, we got on both sides of the bed to try to scare the cat out. It worked! She came out and ran straight into the master bathroom. Oh, no! That was not a good thing!!! The cat was so quick that she began nothing less than a blur!!! Finally, Mama presented us with a sweatshirt that we threw on the cat, grabbed it and returned it to the great outdoors and released it.

Once that episode was over, I asked Mama how the cat had gotten into the house. I had assumed that it had come in through the door when she entered or exited her home. No. Mama had noticed that her "carpenter fix-it technique" that she had implemented a few years ago in her utility room had been SHREDDED by the kitten from underneath the house. Come to find out, her old dog had "dug a hole" in her floor next to the back door. My mom hated to ask her sons-in-law, Stan or Leif, to fix the problem so she bought a roll of silver duct tape and used it to cover the hole! Oh my goodness!!! I have NO idea how she avoided falling through the floor!!!

Of course, I told my mom that the boys needed to fix it properly. Instead, she still wanted to "repair her floor damage abit better" this time. She decided that she needed to "strengthen" the floor by cutting a piece of "cardboard" from a pop flat. So, Leighlyn got down on her hands and knees with the carboard that had been cut larger than the floor damage. Leighlyn put the cardboard in place and covered it with the duct tape. Mama was very pleased! Now, the cardboard will also provide some "insulation" from the elements!!!

Since then, I have mentioned the "fine construction" of her floor patch to Stan. He is planning on going over and fixing it right!

Just another moment in our humorous day-to-day activities in our family...


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