Sunday, January 31, 2010

Update on my foot

Last week, I reported that I had been experiencing major pain in my left foot. I was sent to a podiatrist in Garden City who had given me a steroid shot to help with the pain that was caused by two large spurs on my heel and the fact that in order to take pressure off of my heel, I had begun walking on the outside edge of my foot. I was totally unaware of the fact that I was walking on the side of my foot!

The doctor told me that I needed to wear much stiffer shoes than I had been. Stan dug through my shoes until he found a pair of tennis shoes that matched the criteria that my podiatrist had given to me. Since then, I have given up the luxury of just slipping on my fur-lined clogs. However, my foot feels soooooooo much better now! I have to recommend that more people follow the doctor's recommendations with your choice of shoes! Just make sure that you cannot twist them from side to side or bend them in half.


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