Friday, January 15, 2010

Dennis and Susan Elder

Its been a considerable amount of time since we last heard from Dennis and Susan. That all changed today when they sent us an email. Here is the just of that email:

Dennis and Susan are doing well! They continue to miss everyone in our neck of the woods and are looking forward to returning home!

Dennis' 3-month CT Scan provided very good results. Thank the Lord!!! He still experiences tough days but is getting stronger in many ways. He is looking very good and is trying to get out more. He comes back worn out but he is gaining his health and strength back. On nice days, he is back to fishing. Dennis and Susan are sure that 2010 will be a good year!!!

Since October, Susan's family has had their own fair share of problems. Her stapfather has more cancer, her sister has cancer. Her father fell and broke his hip that just added to his health problems that he has had for many years. Susan is disappointed that because of Dennis' issues, she has not been able to go to her family and help them. Now that Dennis is doing so much better, she is planning on going to visit her Dad in Tulsa at the end of this month. At this time, both of her fathers are in hospitals. We need to keep her family in our prayers also.

They hope to be coming home sometime in Mid-February through March! His 6-month CT Scan is scheduled for March. They will be seeing his doctors in February to discuss various issues.

Susan also asks that we share kindness with someone who may need it. (Great advice, Susan!)

Please continue to send up those prayers! They definiely work!!! Just ask Dennis and Susan!!!


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